<b>Plancha knives</b>

Plancha knives

Simple, fast and delicious ...

Ingredients for 4 people

48 knives
10 sprigs of parsley
10 large basil leaves
5 strands
2 cloves garlic
2 pinches of Espelette
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt of Guerande
Pepper from the 5 bay mill

Place the knives in a bowl of K™ Salt water and allow them to drain for a good hour to remove sand and small shells.
Wash the parsley and basil and chop the herbs.
Peel and remove the garlic cloves, crush them under a large knife and chisel them.Mix with the herbs and 3 cs of olive oil.
Place the knives on a plancha previously brushed with olive oil, over high heat.When they open, turn them over to the flesh and let them grill 3 min.
Add the mixture of herbs, mix well and sprinkle with Espelette pepper.
Serve as soon as you accompany a green salad.